Michel Nentwig – Our candidate for Secretary General of IFLRY

Dear friends,

the past two and a half years have been an amazingly formative and intriguing time for me. With my first IFLRY seminar in Budapest in 2018, I already felt what it means to be part of a truly global family. The way how international youth politics is shaping your mind and views is exceptional. Working with young political activists from all over the world is not just bringing you together with inspiring people from all different backgrounds, but it also gives you the opportunity to realign your own beliefs in each and every single conversation.

For almost one a half years now, I am part of IFLRY’s Council and got the chance to get a glimpse of what working within the Bureau is like. Working as the Free Trade Programme Manager, organising events and seminars and preparing policies was a challenging, yet rewarding time.

Hence, I am very pleased and happy to announce that I will run for Secretary General in the Bureau of the International Federation of Liberal Youth at the next General Assembly, now held online on December 20th.

In the following weeks, I will share my visions and ideas to make IFLRY an even greater organisation – so stay tuned!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Lots of love,

“Liberalism is visionary – and so should IFLRY be.
For our organization, it is vital to foster the relationship with our partners to make our activities even more sustainable and resilient.”

Michel about the future of IFLRY

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